Steve D Blake - A Picture of meLife.. I think!

There are lots of views of what life is; from the view that life does not exist, to life or existence is the only reality, and if it is not ‘real,’ it does not exist.

In the mix there are many viewpoints. Some believe that only your mind exists and everything else is just in your mind or an extension of your mind.

Another belief is that everything is just random chance. That physical life is all there is, and death is the end of you, your mind, and your personality.

Yet another idea is that everything is random chance, and, that physical life is just one element of the whole of life.

Then there is the idea of life that advances, that a higher being, often called God, created everything including us, either directly, or indirectly. This higher being,

  • is either in control and we are just puppets,
  • has given us a set of rules to live by, which must be obeyed, or we are for it,
  • made us, and is having fun watching the best and biggest, reality show in the universe.

There are so many different views of what life is, that it is likely to be true, that we all have our own view, and in some way, it is different from every other view.

Still, this is my life, my interests, and as far as I can tell, it is real, just as your life is real to you! Will it go on forever? No one truly knows, some say God has said it will, some say a resounding No!  I have my own views, but this is not about them.. or is it?